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Hello again friends, My 10 days in Laos has wrapped up faster than I expected. It’s been one crazy trip that has had me experiencing and tasting and feeling and smelling things I never expected to–some of which I’d gladly try out again, others … not so much. For example, I can now say that […]

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  • SophiaQ - That sounds so exciting! I think the word you’re looking for is “creepy” in reference to that guy hitting on you :P. But you must come over when you get back and tell us more about your adventures over there!ReplyCancel

  • Jason Wang - Hahahaha…I’ve lived in Thailand toooo many times to know that if a Thai girl is just *way* too beautiful, then you should just keep walking. Because if she’s waaayyyy too beautiful, then half of the phrase “Thai girl” is probably not correct… =DReplyCancel

  • Elaine Marie - “+3 Defense” had me laughingReplyCancel

  • saphoto - hahah im with the +3 defense haha so you’ve managed to eat OH DANG paste eh? hahahha dude, is ur camera gear ok? what the heck? i like the chicken laying a egg in a childs seat hahahaReplyCancel

    • Junshien - @Steve: Dude… that wasn’t no oh dang paste, man… that was …. ugh. I’ll show you a picture later. hahah
      @Jason: Phew! Then it’s a good thing that girl was cute-beautiful, rather than beautiful-beautiful. =P
      @Sophia: Fo sho! I’ll drop you guys a line once my traveling slows down later this year. :)ReplyCancel

  • Stories from Laos: part 1 » San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer - […] and everything in between. It would be no exaggeration to say that this was one of the most incredible experiences of my […]ReplyCancel

  • Stories from Laos: a teaser » Junshien International Photographers | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography - […] and everything in between. It would be no exaggeration to say that this was one of the most incredible experiences of my […]ReplyCancel

Dear friends, I am writing this from somewhere above the Pacific Ocean, in a 747 hurling towards midnight on the other side of the world. In several hours, I will be landing in Singapore before catching the next flight out to Bangkok. After that begins a 16 hour journey deep into the heart of Laos, […]

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  • Wing Wong - Thank you Junshien for all the inspiration! You’re a hero to many of us =)
    My deepest deepest DEEPEST dream is…
    doing what I love most: photography, and have a good buisiness on that, and start a family with my current girlfriend =)
    and I’m willing to do anything to achieve my dream!!!!! Need to keep fighting!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ted Nghiem - Man, I love your entries!!

    I’ll cut and paste from my blog response:

    My deepest dreams? A good question. I have and had many dream careers, dream plans and goals, and real plans and goals. When I was younger, I mean high school, I loved history so much that I just wanted to do anything in history. I guess that would have “set” me up to be a lawyer, which I enjoyed. Then I dreamt of being a video game programmer. Then it moved to be a Psychology Professor which I tried extensively for (and if you have followed me since Xanga, you could read my trials and stuff). Though I put that dream career on hold, I am now pursuing photography (wedding and travel!) So that is my new dream goal that I am actively pursuing. Though I will probably reapply for graduate school in psychology. How hot would it be to be a wedding/travel photographer with a Ph.D? :D

    As for non – career dreams, I am pretty sure most know that I am an avid traveler. So while I have gone traveling internationally they have been 2 week journeys. And, hopefully, my next one will be a big one month back packing journey back into Ireland. But I would love to backpack for some time through Europe. The thought of traveling keeps me perked and giddy for a while and actually traveling keeps happy and in bliss for a very long time!

    And what I am doing to make it a reality …
    I believe that my choice to pursue graduate school for two to three years was a real sacrifice, though I believe was worth it, where I gave up “life” to try to get accepted into the programs. But, here I am pursuing photography now, with the goal of graduate school on hiatus. Now that I am not all about being accepted into graduate school, the other “realities” are so tangible I can smell them- bills, economy, global perils… I have happily invested a lot of time and money into photography, purchasing gear, portfolio building, running here and there to get my name out there, that while, in the short term is costing me, but I see the pluses in the long term for a recoup in investment, positive impact in my career, and passion.

    My biggest obstacles are all in the short term. While I am investing time and money into the photography business, I am also saving up for my future travels.ReplyCancel

  • Joanas - Very inspiring. Thank you for that, I really appreciated it.ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Hi Jun, I came to your blog by a circuitous route (as one always does), through a heap of links to photography blogs. I found it an interesting coincidence that you were writing about inspiration, fighting and sacrificing for one’s dreams, etc, as I’ve been reading a lot on this topic lately and thinking about my own dreams and goals I’d like to accomplish.

    I am just finishing up one goal that started as a bit of a pipe dream, which is volunteering in a women’s government ministry overeas. I’m Australian and I’ve been doing just this for the past year in East Timor. Now I’m considering my goals and dreams again… Millionaire, making an effort to fight climate change and maybe some goals closer to home look like they are going to top the list for now! :)

    I really admire that you made such a change in what you spend your time doing every day. Hope this trip is fabulous, I’ll be keeping up!ReplyCancel

    • Junshien - @Kate: Wow… big dreams, admirable dreams. You’re one of the few who have gone beyond dreaming and started doing. I’d tip my hat to you … if I had a hat. lol. We only have one life to live, so keep dreaming, keep pursuing your passions. All the best to you!

      @Joanas: Thanks!

      @Wing: You’re already walking down the path to achieving what you’ve set out to do. Keep it up!ReplyCancel

  • Yuffie - Your story has always inspired me when I was met with discouragement from others when it came to education. I have a Bachelor of Science degree but I have no interest in pursuing a career with anything science related. Recently, I think I found my dream, actually no, somewhere deep inside I had always thought about it but it wasn’t until recently that it became real to me. It’s something very similar to what you do but not quite; my dream is to be a wedding planner – to help couples plan the most perfect, most memorable, most beautiful and happiest day of their lives. I hope one day I will be successful in my career as you are in yours. I know for sure I’d recommend you to be anyone’s wedding photographer, including mine!ReplyCancel

    • Junshien - @Yuffie: Thanks so much for your comment. Glad that my story has been an encouragement to you. Whenever you’re feeling disheartened, remember that those who have made it doing what they love had to go through more failure and discouragement than the average person. But they persevered while others gave up, and soon found themselves living their dreams. So wherever your path takes you, keep pushing through, and I wish you all the best!ReplyCancel

  • Corrie - What a terrific post! I love it! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t grow up Asian, but close enough, and I can deeply relate to your story. Just tonight I was asking my small group to pray, yet again, for opportunities in my field (I’m trying to make it in L.A. playing with a rock band–yes, seriously)! Sometimes it feels like it’s taking too long to get there, and then I am reminded of the little victories, like a job with Kanye West here or a trip to Nashville with my band there. There was a time when I told myself, “Play in a band?! Who does that?” And now I fully agree with you, “Of course! This is what I was made to do.”ReplyCancel

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  • NomadicNeil - Laos is one of my favourite countries!

    Hava good time!ReplyCancel

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  • Stories from Laos: part 1 » San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer - […] year, I was sponsored by a clean water company to fly to Laos for a documentary project. For ten days, I journeyed up and down this country of dirt roads and […]ReplyCancel

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  • Dream chasing, brick laying, and the rock-star lifestyle » Junshien International Photographers | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography - […] To those unsure if they should pursue their dream: Realize that your passion is going to extract from you a price far heavier than what you are expecting. It’s going to require all of you, and will push you to your limits — and even beyond. Through this fire, you will see what you are made of. This is not for everybody, but if you’re able to persevere through, if you’re able to break through to the other side … you will find that the whole world has opened up for you. […]ReplyCancel

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